If you tried reaching the site yesterday and couldn’t, that was because our server went down.

We have a server at home, which hosts my site. So far that’s been a wonderful swich from hosting it at an external place. But…….

There is still a little bit of work being done on the house. Work that means the power has to be shut down for a little while (like installing an extra outlet in my bathroom so we can charge both our toothbrushes, or I can dry my hair while L shaves, or something.) Power off obviously means the server turns off. Which means the website goes down.

I grabbed this picture from MArk du Toit at www.marktoon.co.ukSo if one of these days you can’t reach or find my blog, don’t worry. I didn’t stop blogging, I didn’t dismiss this site, I wouldn’t do that…

The power just went off.

So hang in there with me, only a little while longer and everything will be finished and we’ll never-ever turn the server off again willingly.

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