The ‘done’ is the new house’s kitchen, it’s completely cleaned, really really cleaned. It took me about 10 hours, seriously, to clean everything. I now feel comfortable putting food there.

Also done is clearing everything away in the new house, so movers can move.

More done is the move of our web and mail server. It was moved this morning and everything went smoothly. I expected my static ‘I’m not here right now’ page to be up for 3 days, possibly. But it wasn’t even 24 hours, and that was just out of precaution. It could’ve been only an hour, if we’d chosen to do so.

The ‘ready to go’ part of the title of this post is regarding the move itself. We’ve packed dozens of boxes, everything’s labeled and the movers will be here 8 am tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow this time, I’ll be sitting in my new home. Probably not blogging, but unpacking.

Just a few more days of patience, dear readers, and I’ll be able to really blog again.

I’m looking forward to it!



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  1. I liked your blog so much.

    I would like to thank you for the contribution.

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