I try to feed Cupcake what we eat. Either she gets some pieces from our plate, or I make her ‘pappa’ with the same ingredients.
Sometimes that’s not an option though,  and in order to have her join us at the dinner table, I’ll get her some snack type foods so she can eat with us.

Today we ate shoarma – definitely not baby appropriate food – and she had already eaten eggplant and bell pepper pappa at daycare, so just a snack was perfectly fine.


Baby appropriate snacks

Cupcake ate rice cakes, pieces of cucumber,  brie (again – she loves the stuff!) and a maïsboogie (puffed organic corn).
When.she was finished with all this she wabted more, more, more, so she got a chunk of wholegrain bread which she gobbled up as well. Hungry baby!

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Being 7 months old does not mean you have to eat mush in this household. Sure, we make more fluid dinners for Cupcake as well, but as a little snack while mommy is cooking,  brie is great too.


Eating brie

I chose an organic French brie, made from pasteurized milk. She gobbled it up super quick and wanted seconds.

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In the 2+ years that I haven’t posted, things sure have changed. For a while I cooked and baked less. Recently I started cooking differently mostly.
Still fresh and home-made, just quick, quick, quick for the adults, and more elaborate for our newest little gourmet.

Our daughter was born in October of 2013 and has started enjoying solid food. We do a combination of various styles of weaning. Baby Led Weaning (or the Rapley method) is one of the things we do, giving her whole chunks of veggies, often off our plates, to learn to eat.

Another style I love is the Italian ‘pappe’. A fairly liquid form of baby food, made fresh with meat, veggies and cream of rice/corn/tapioca/wheat, in a broth base.

Our little cupcake loves it all. Eating is super fun!

Below you see today’s lunch, Red bell peppers, and lamb in vegetable broth with a mixture of cream of various wheats and cream of corn and tapioca. To flavor it and help digestion we added a tiny bit of parmesan cheese and obviously some extra virgin olive oil. Despite (or thanks to?) the strong flavor of the bell peppers, Cupcake gobbled it right up!


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Frying up some home-made sausages.

I decided I needed to try to make my own sausages. My wonderful, wonderful butcher has some great sausages, but really, I wanted to give it a try. To add my own flavors, make my own combinations. It was  one of those things I felt the need to try at least once.

Add seasoning before grinding, to make it easier to mix all flavors after grinding

Like many of the foods I feel the need

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… or you’re wrong.



(And for those of you who don’t eat pork. There’s a reason they invented turkey bacon.)

Happy spring you all!

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