Wow. Just wow. A coset has been built. Okay, so far just the outer walls and not the interior yet, but that’s still a MAJOR accomplishment. One day we tell them where we want it and what size, the next day there’s a structure, and the next moment they’re plastering it. It’s so awesome.

(Pictures will follow later – haven’t loaded them into the computer yet… I’ve been too busy!)

As I’ve said, our builders are awesome. And funny too. They wrote all over the drywall (before plastering) to give us some options regarding lighting in there. Then one added to the other ones text stating it was bad advice, or a bad question, or that we need to clean up a door they’d re-used for the closet.

Very funny.
So we decided to be funny as well.
L told me that D had told him that there was no electrical outlet in the bathroom and if we wanted one. So I said yes, looked around and as I wanted to point out where, L looked int here and saw there was one right there. Hidden in a cupboard, but still, it was there.
So I left a bunch of notes, leading up to the closet, with arrows and such, to tell them: wow, you’re fast, you fix it without us telling you where AND you make it look like it’s been there all these years.
They had a good laugh about it, even more so because they’d already found that outlet after they’d talked to L.

All in all things are really coming together. The living room floor’s ceiling has been painted 2 coats of white and the walls have 1 fresh coat (maybe 2 by now as I’m writing this).

This weekend we’ll be going there to do some good cleaning and trim the conifer hedge in the yard. Maybe do some painting too.

Tuesday we’re meeting with the last of the moving companies to get another pricing,a fter which we’ll choose which company to use and when we move. It’s really getting close! yay!

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