I taught my first sailing lesson of this season today. It was great fun, being on the water with the kids again. Even though they didn’t actually sail yet, just practiced how to gear up, where the wind comes from and how to get the boat straight again when it’s fallen over, it was still a lot of fun. Those kids are awesome, so energetic and enthusiastic. Love it!

It however meant that I wasn’t home ’til late. 10pm, which meant dinner had to be simple, easy and quick, or L had to jump in. Either was acceptable to me.

I still had a nice little ham in the fridge, waiting to be baked, so I left a page of instructions for L as to what heat and what time it needed and left. When I called to let him know I was on my way back, it was already in the oven long enough to be done by the time I’d finished the rest of the meal. Potatoes and cauliflower this time.

It was simple, easy food, which needs nor has a recipe. Potato pieces in the microwave and in the oven with the ham to brown. Cauliflower was steamed, then placed on a cookie sheet with some cheese and placed in the oven to melt.

All in all insanely simple, yet tasty.

Sometimes it’s great to just eat simple, easy food!

And yes I know, I should buy a new oven mitt, one without stains preferably!

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