I should’ve used a smaller cake mold. I have no idea why I took such a big one, which causes the cake to be thin, which will be delicious, but soooo much harder to assemble!

So heres a whole list of reasons to make this cake.

First off, my dad came over from the US this week and brought me a big pile of baking stuff I’d ordered. So it had to be tested.

Second, cake is good. Always, always,always.

Third, we’re meeting up with my dad tomorrow and it’s father’s day and he doesn’t like cake, but he likes coffee. And tiramisu has a lot of coffee and everyone else we’re meeting with loves tiramisu and cake, so I figured I’d go with it.

Had I mentioned my dad is a little nutso for not liking cake?? Who doesn’t like cake. Okay, see, I don’t eat fruit, allergic/toxic reactions to everything but lime and lemon, so I don’t eat that much cake because everybody and their dog always insist cakes need some sort of fruit concoction in them or over them. But leave out the fruit, add nuts, or spices, or just plain old buttercream, or coffee or whatever (or nothing, just plain cake) and I’ll love it.

Buy my dad is not a big cake, or pie, fan, though I’m pretty sure he diggs tiramisu. Sortof.

I made a cake with coffee and amaretto in the batter.

I baked it in an oversized pan.

I will drizzle coffee and amaretto over the cake later on, and fill it with a mascarpone/egg/sugar mixture, add a little shaved chocolate. Just like regular tiramisu. I’ll frost it with the same mixture. Possibly give frilly frosting a try. And it will be delicious. It will! Definitely, no questions asked.

And my dad will just have to like it. It’s father’s day after all (tomorrow) and he deserves some cake. And because it’s father’s day, if he really won’t like or eat it. I’ll eat it for him.

That’s just how I roll.

I just love to help him.

By finishing off his cake for him. (Isn’t that the best gift I could give him???)

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