Yes, I, AM!

I feel like “I neverever post anymore, which isn’t entirely true, but still. Not enough at all. And I feel like I’m giving you this message over and over. The fact is, blogging is not my job. Unfortunately people don’t pay me heaps of money for my musings. It’s unfortunate, but true!

I have a job, and at work one of these things is that the last month of the year is generally CRA-ZY. It’s just real dang busy!

Now add in that we decided to present our annual report 2 months earlier than usual (and this is a FULL report, about 100 pages) and that we’re launching a new website no later than januari 1st (As that’s when our contract with the previous host expires. And there you have it, no more social life. No more blog life. Just work and no play.

It’s okay though. I thoroughly enjoy my job, especially with these fun and special projects. I love working on the new site, and editing page after page after page.

However, this means ALL my spare time goes into cooking, eating, cleaning and sleeping.

So I’ll see y’all again in januari or so. Or in between if I find some time on a weekend. Just don’t be bummed if it takes a while for a new post to appear. I still love you, all my 640 unique readers a month, and I will keep cooking and coming up with stuff for the blog. It just might not appear immediately.

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