Now that Christmas is behind us and one of the big projects at work is finished, it’s time to post what I’ve been doing in the kitchen. Besides just providing us with dinner each night, I’ve also spent some time baking for the holidays. In the next couple of days I’ll show you the different cookies and candy I made. The recipes will come one at a time.

Today, however, the stars of the show are ginger snaps!


Ginger snaps might be my all-time-favorite holiday cookies. I love them, they scream Christmas to me. This holiday season I’ve made them twice. The first time wasn’t wonderful. I tried a new recipe, which just didn’t do it for me. I then decided to go with a proven recipe. My friend Amber made these when I spend Christmas with her the first time, 4 Christmases ago, when she was pregnant with Gracie, my beloved Goddess-daughter. So I asked her for the recipe, which she gladly shared with me, to share with you. The original recipe came from Teresa, another Goddess-mama to Gracie.

These ginger snaps are perfect, they have just the right amount of molasses, to give you a slight hint, but not a full-on molasses taste. The mixture of spices make them wonderful. And the amount of time you bake them fully determines whether you get a crispy or a soft cookie.

Laurens, my beloved, filmed me making the cookies, so enjoy this little bit of Holiday cheer from Love through the stomach…’s kitchen. (And stay tuned for the recipe later this week!)

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One Response to Ginger snaps

  1. gracie's mama says:

    oooh, i love this video! makes me want to bake up another batch of gingersnaps myself! now if only i could find a “healthy” recipe for gingersnaps so i wouldn’t feel guilty A) eating them, or B) giving them to gracie. maybe something with butternut squash puree, or yogurt, or something???

    thanks for sharing your kitchen with us, auntie valerie! those lekker videos make me HUNGRY!

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