I thoroughly realize that I’m no George Lucas, writing a prequel before going through the actual event and at least 2 sequels, but that’s just how I roll.

I heard about Food Blogger Connect for the first time right around the time it happened last year. I couldn’t make it, but ever since I’ve been hoping that this year it’d be around a time I’d be able to go.

Halfway through february all up us pre-pre-registrants (aka the people who commented on the website and said, “heck yes, keep me informed, I so want to be there!”) received an e-mail, stating that early registration was now open and to be quick to see if you wanted a pass for the special workshop, as there were only 20 spots.

I went and checked it out and decided to go without the workshop, but immediately did register. A couple of days later my confirmation was in and I was on my way too FBC. Figuratively speaking – obviously – as it was still February. Even if I’d walk there, I wouldn’t need so much time to get there.

Now, a couple of months later, anticipation is slowly starting to set in. I bought my plane tickets (and made sure to use an airline that allows me to take luggage without extra charge!), I made my hotel reservation (across the street from the venue, I’m still looking for a roommate!) and I designed and ordered a bunch of business cards for my blog.

I’m about ready to go, even though it’s still over 2 months away. I’m starting to get a little antsy too. I don’t know anyone there, only a couple of blog names and twitter handles. I’ve never been to something like this before. Am I food-geeky enough to fit in? (Sure, I have a million-and-one kitchen gadgets, but I don’t run around with my camera all day, I have Laurens for that.) It’s like high school all over again. Really tasty high school – with wine.

Most of all I’m super excited though. I look forward to putting faces to the familiar blog names. I am excited about meeting new people and making new friends who are as crazy about food, cooking, baking, grilling and kitchen gadgets as I am. I anticipate learning a great deal. And I think it’s just awesome to not be the crazy foodie for a whole weekend – as when you’re with a whole bunch, it’s not that crazy anymore.

Want to go to FBC11 as well, click here to register and join the fun!

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3 Responses to Food blogger connect – the prequel

  1. Gerry says:

    Hoi, jammer genoeg kan ik zelf niet (wij zitten dan 4 wkn in de USA), maar anders was ik misschien net zo dapper geweest als jij. Ik weet wel dat Simone van Frogbites en de Glazen Vork gaat. Zij heeft al een roommate maar misschien vind je het toch leuk om alvast contact te leggen? Veel plezier! Gr. Gerry

  2. Valerie says:

    Hoi Gerry. 4 weken naar de VS is ook leuk! ;) Ik had inmiddels inderdaad contact gelegd met Simone en met Marthe van Baking Bluefinger. Misschien moeten we in Nederland ook eens een food blogger bijeenkomst doen, ik ontdek steeds meer leuke Nederlandse blogs!
    Groetjes, Valerie

  3. 360dopes says:

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