Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear blog,
Happy birthday to you!

One year ago today, on a dreary Saturday afternoon, I had Laurens upload wordpress on a domain that hadn’t been used since I’d bought it a couple of years earlier. A couple hours later, after some major installing of themes and tweaking them, this blog was born. The first post was made and remember wondering how long it would last. How long would food blogging be fun.

Today – one year, 145 posts, 13 pages, 25 categories and 51 different tags later – it’s a beautiful sunny spring Sunday and I am pleased to announce it’s still fun!

My blog’s birthday happily coincided with me hosting a potluck brunch for some friends.  We do that every so often. And since every birthday deserves a cake, my personal addition to the food spread was a birthday cake.

I fiddled around with rolled fondant yesterday, made flowers I hadn’t tried making before (I love the calla lilies! They’re so easy and look so elegant.) Even though I made mistakes in my decorating (creases in my fondant, oh no!) it still looked like a proper birthday cake. I will get better in time, I’m sure, but for a second cake and a first birthday, I’m pretty pleased.

Oh, and it tasted great too!

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13 Responses to Happy 1 year bloggiversary!

  1. Bert van de Flier says:

    Wow!!!!! I am only a little impressed that you kept doing this for a year, after all I know that you are not a quitter.
    But I am very impressed with the cake. If you have something left on wednesday I love to have a piece.

  2. Valerie says:

    I’ll save you a piece, not sure how good 4-day-old cake really tastes (considering I didn’t put a whole bunch of E-numbers in there), but you’ll just have to find out!

  3. Arlien says:

    And I agree, it was a great looking/tasting cake and a great way to finish our sunday-brunch

    Congrats Val!

  4. it actually appeared as though Homework Help With Economics legitimate birthday cake. improve on schedule, however briefly cake and a first birthday celebration, pretty satisfied.

  5. they’re so easy and appearance so stylish.) despite the fact that I made mistakes in my decorating (creases in my fondant, oh no!) it nonetheless gave the impression of a right birthday cake.

  6. we do this from time to time. and considering that each birthday merits a cake, my private addition to the food spread was a birthday cake.

  7. I am most effective a little inspired that you saved doing this for a yr, in spite of everything I recognize that you are not a quitter. But I’m very inspired by the cake. When you have something left on Wednesday I love to have a chunk.

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  11. My blog’s birthday cheerfully corresponded with me facilitating a potluck early lunch for certain companions. We do that occasionally. What’s more since each birthday merits a cake, my own expansion to the food spread was a birthday cake.

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